About Ginsberg Law – FDCPA Division

We specialize in stopping collection agencies from unfair debt collection practices and can help you with your legal claim if your rights have been violated or if you are currently being unfairly abused or harassed by one of these agencies. Additionally, our site has been designed and developed as a resource site to provide individuals who believe they have a valid FDCPA claim against a collection agency with ample information in order to see if they may have a claim.

We can help you with your circumstances and can evaluate the possibility of you being awarded monetary damages based on your specific situation. We are skilled at handling these types of cases and will work towards you receiving the highest monetary damages possible. In some cases, your FDCPA claim can be resolved amicably – sometimes without needing to take your case to court.

Here at Ginsberg Law, we skillfully prepare your case and follow an effective system for the handling of most debt collection issues to enable you the most acceptable and favorable outcome as quickly as possible. Not dragging your case through a court (settling out of court) is what we strive for so that you are awarded damages in the shortest period of time possible. We are very knowledgeable of the federal and state statutes that protect individuals from abusive or unfair collection practices.

Our philosophy has always revolved around the rights of the consumer so that you are provided with the best legal representation and serve our clients to the best of our abilities. Remember that your rights as a consumer are protected under the auspices of the FDCPA and you have the right to do everything in your power to stop collection agencies from harassing you and from unfairly practicing their debt collection activities.

Despite the fact that there are still numerous collection agencies that try to get away with these illegal collection practices, we know how the law protects individuals against these coercive debt collection methods. Remember that the FDCPA was passed over 30 years ago in order to protect consumers from these activities. In any event, should you feel that a collection agency has violated your rights under the FDCPA, you should contact us for assistance immediately so we can evaluate your claim and see how well you will fair against that collection agency.

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Jonathan Ginsberg

For over 25 years, Jonathan Ginsberg has represented honest, hardworking men and women facing financial troubles.