Harassing Phone Calls and FDCPA Claims

Many individuals who have had the unpleasant financial experience of getting too far into debt have also had to endure the ruthless collection practices of numerous debt collection agencies in the process. Collection agency personnel do not have pleasant careers, and even though abusive and unfair collection practices are illegal, these individuals are paid to extract as much money out of consumers as they possibly can. Despite the responsibilities of their jobs, this does not justify their illicit collection practices.

Typically, the most common violations involve harassing letters and phone calls as well as other methods that are deemed as “under-handed.” Violations involving collection letters are common based on the illegal or improper wording that many collection agencies have the tendency to use and still try to get away with. However, it is telephone harassment which is the most common violation of the FDCPA that most people experience.

There are numerous provisions under the act that address the harassment by telephone issue. Collection agencies and their representatives are not allowed to:

  • telephone you before 8:00 in the morning or after 9:00 at night
  • telephone you at an unusual place or time
  • telephone you (or contact you by mail) once you have sent the collection agency written notice that you do not want to be contacted further
  • telephone you without identifying who they are, what agency they are working for, and the creditor they are representing
  • telephone you at work if you have informed them verbally and in written form that your employer does not approve of them calling you
  • telephone your family or friends trying to obtain information about you

If you have been receiving harassing phone calls from debt collectors and feel you may have a valid FDCPA claim, please contact us by filling out the Free Claim Review form found on this website.

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