Steps to Take In Order to Protect Your Rights

Gathering Evidence

Steps to take in order to protect your rights

There are 4 basic steps that you can take in order to protect your rights and prevent any abusive or coercive collection activities from continuing as follows:

Step #1: Whenever you receive any correspondence, letters, or other notices from a debt collection agency SAVE THEM (you may send copies of them to our firm should you be unsure if they are illegal)

Step #2: Anytime a collection agency or debt collector attempts to contact you by e-mail or telephone, BE SURE YOU SAVE THESE MESSAGES AS WELL!

Step #3: Keep thorough notes regarding any contact with collection agencies or debt collectors (their names and what they tell you could be critical down the road)

Step #4: Any inaccurate statements or other notices should be disputed in written form and not orally (follow up with a written communication to support this)

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